Project supervision

Supervision consultants forces are represented investors to monitor and acceptance tasks, items and works during construction. In addition to the technical supervision work building structural side, finishing, electromechanical, infrastructure, interior decoration, landscaping, supervision consultants also monitor safety in the process of construction, check the pool legal documents on conditions for starting a project, contractors … and acceptance of inputs, workload.


To do well the supervision consultants, the consulting engineer supervision should have many years of experience to see the potential problems prior warning to contractors and investors. This in short is the supervision consultant to “have a job”.

The next thing is the supervision consultant knowledgeable and updated documents, regulations on construction, and must be able to speak and write well. The meeting resolved in construction work on a daily basis should be able to “fight” and persuade the parties for password recovery center in the meeting stressed the conflict between work and quality of the contractor’s expense extremely important. The story aloud in public meetings the daily school.

But most of all standards of integrity is the mind of the consulting engineer supervision. This is also the first request and the most important standards for consulting engineers our supervision: THE DIRECT AND RESPONSIBILITIES.

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