Architectural space and the beauty of the night

As night falls, many homes look very nice, which is due to the layout of the light accordingly. And whether simple or elaborate indoor lighting should also be distribution of functions and activities corresponding space.


Basically, there are two ways to use light: harmony or contrast in the choice of lighting and light patterns for living space. Harmonisation is selected for each room with the lights in sync with the latest designs, ideas and ways of lighting. For example, a major in modern style, bright white surface, choose more contemporary lamps simple style.

Conversely, if the style deep nostalgia old, patterned carvings, choose light “Council unanimously prime” home designs. Some villas, hotels and resorts have to find or buy antique lamps designed specifically ordering the correct style, dating to the interior style.

If the contrast way he took the opposition to highlight factors are primary or secondary, to help separate the surfaces and details in the interior. For example, a rectangular surface but the luminaire selection mainly round the block, as a deliberate difference accent.

Or all the wood flooring, carpet, but the lamp design is the sturdy metal pipe to ensure prominence.

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